Friday, December 7, 2012

More Eggnog Adventures

Mr. No absolutely LOVES Eggnog!  He jumps up every more and shouts" I have to find Eggnog!"  and then runs into our room, shaking his head, saying "Mom, you will not believe what he's doing today!".  We don't even mention him reporting to Santa because most days Mr. No  is just so good simply having Eggnog around.  The attitude has improved the sassmouth has dramatically decreased and without us even saying much of anything.  It's amazing!  Here are the past few days of Eggnog's adventures.

Day 5: With a Little Help From My Friends...

Eggnog decided that Mr. No's room needed a little more Christmas cheer.  So he got a few of No's best pals together, Mr. P. Bear, Grinch, Max, Scooby Doo, Chip, Hulk and Bumble to help him make a few decorations and add a little cheer.  They made paper chains and snowflakes (not pictured), hung gingerbread men, stocking and even a long strand of lights around his window.  Mr. No was so happy he made take a pic of him with Mr. P. Bear, Eggnog and Max (more like 20 of them). looking at the pics, I don't think Rise of the Guardians Elf is too  happy with the mess they made.

Day 6:  How the Elf Stole Christmas

Eggnog decided to be  a nice quiet elf (after mess he left the day before trying to be helpful) and just gathered ALL of Mr. No's stuffed friends together for a lovely reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  (Rise of the Guardians Elf seems to approve of this one)

Day 7: Lonely Little Elf

Wednesday night Mr. No slept over Nana and Pop's house since he was going to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas in Boston with them in the morning.  I wasn't sure how Mr. No would do at a real play but he was great and he loved it!  Eggnog, however, was not so happy to find No gone so he grabbed No's favorite blankie and snuggled up in his bed to wait for him to come home.  Poor Eggnog.  Rise of the Guardians Elf is not so thrilled about this.  Jealous?

Day 8:  Revenge of the Playmobil Pizza Guy

Remember that poor reindeer poo cleaner from day 4?  Apparently he was out for revenge!  We found Eggnog and poor reindeer looked up in a Lego Jail with all the Playmobil guys surrounding him.  And look who's on top of the jail, Rise of the Guardians Elf (who really needs a shorter name) with his laughing face on.   Someone is letting jealousy get the better of him.  Troublemaker. 

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