Monday, December 3, 2012

Introducing...Eggnog Evergreen!

We've seen the boxes EVERYWHERE and, honestly, I had no idea what it was until this year.  We were bad parents though and didn't do a big package arriving from the North Pole thing.  We just let Mr. No go and pick out the elf he wanted to bring home with him as a friend and informant to Santa.  We opened him up, read the book and Mr. No gave him a name, Eggnog Evergreen.  He was a little wary at first.  He kept saying it wasn't real but needed him to believe because his sassmouth was out of control.  So I checked my pinterest idea board for something that would convince him and here's what we decided on...

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Day 1:  Potty Time (yeah, we're so classy!)

They're chocolate chips, don't worry.  He even brought a note from Santa praising Mr. No's good behavior.  Let me tell you, this was the best way to get him to believe.  He even scolded Eggnog for not flushing.  This weekend, he was wonderful with out even being reminded so I think Eggnog is working :)

Day 2:  Happy Birthday Mr. No!

Second day of elf happened to be Mr. No's birthday and since he was having a Scooby Doo birthday party, Eggnog decided to join in the fun and "trap" Mr. No in his room.  He did leave a present taped to the door, too, with a little Elf birthday card.

Day 3:  Cops and Robbers

Eggnog was a good elf that night.  He opened the packages for the rest of Mr. No's toys for him. Of course, he couldn't resist playing with them!  There was a Lego set with 2 cops and a police car and 2 robbers stealing money from an ATM.  The robbers are on the stegosaurus with the loot.  Eggnog is leading the cops and a bunch of other toys who wanted in on the action.

Day 4:  It's a Crappy Job But Somebody Has to Do It...

just not our elf on the shelf!  I'd seen posts with the Elf cleaning up the reindeer poop but our Elf is just too fresh for that!  So I decided that he'd be the one riding the pooping reindeer, laughing all the way, while a poor little Playmobil guy had to clean up the mess.  Mr. No though this was "ridiculous'! I know it's not the most mature set up (or the toilet one) but little boys find bathroom humor hilarious! 

Hopefully, we can keep up the fun.  I'm terrible at remembering things.  I do need to get wire this week to put in his arms though to make him easier to pose.  Then our possibilities would be endless...

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  1. Ha ha, the chocolate chips cracked me up!

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