Sunday, July 24, 2011

Staying Cool in the Discovery Museums

After 3 days of being trapped n the house watching all of his prized possessions getting packed away, Mr. No was getting antsy, freshy and completely sick of being cooped up.  We decided to make Thursday an all about Mr. No day.  Mr. No decided that he wanted to go to the kids museum with the dinosaur. The Discovery Museums in Acton, MA has a large brachiosaurus outside so that's where we were going to spend our afternoon.  It was a good idea since it was going to be in the mid 90s and humid.  We decided to start our day with breakfast out at the Veranda Cafe. Good sized portions of yummy omelets, home fries and toast for little $$$ and we could eat outside with our noisy little monster.  Then we were on our way to museums.

We didn't stay too long in the kid's museum because it was just too crowded and the rooms are small.  Mr. No gets a little nervous (and I get claustrophobic) with a lot of people in a small space.  He did hand out tickets at the train station and visit all of the rooms for a little while.  (Just a note: I played around with the editing and textures on a lot of today's photos. ) 

Get Your Tickets Here!

playing with the sharks
There was a little road set up outside for tricycles (in the sun so it got too hot very quickly)and ships to play in.  Even Mr. No was uncomfortable in the heat and quickly wanted to move on to the science museum.

I love this one...not sure why

proud that he climbed up all by himself
Mr. No absolutely loves the science museum.  Magnets, water, stacking, balls, musical instruments, it's his dream world!  I could barely keep up with him and of course H was off playing as much as Mr. No was!

Exploring the lower level:

he loved the magnets!

excited by the water tornado

trying to catch the ball he tossed

and he got!!!

having so much fun!
sand art
Exploring the middle level:

I love this!
This is a simple wooden box with 2 mirrors.  Mr. No had to put a hand on each side and look into the mirror on one side and then lift the other hand.  Of course, the illusion is that the other hand is still there (in the mirror).  This illusion amazed Mr. No and he spent about 10 minutes switching hands and moving around trying to see what would happen.  It was amazing seeing him so impressed by something so simple.

He was so good in both museums and listened so well that we did let him get something small in the gift shop.  He picked out a dinosaur dig kit and then of course we had to dig out the bones right away outside.  He had the patience to get all 26 bones out...with only minimal help from me and H.

After the dino dig was completed, we decided that ice cream was a wonderful idea!  Of course, poor Mr. No passed out as soon as he hit the car seat.  I hated to wake him up but if we didn't stop for ice cream after we promised (and for once he was excited), he would have been crushed.  And honestly, Kimball Farm ice cream is worth waking up for! Mr. No and I shared vanilla peanut butter cup ice cream, well, until he accidentally dropped it on the ground and all over me. Apparently while we were in the restroom cleaning up, H dropped his as well trying to drink it.  I can't take these 2 anywhere. Seriously!

enjoying some ice cream before it hit the ground

showing off his he-man action figures

asking for uppas so we could go home

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