Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July....Mama's Photos

Mr. No called up his Nana on Sunday to ask her when he could come visit her.  He loves his Nana and Papa and usually sees them every Saturday but Daddy had this weekend off. So Mr. No went with H (while Mama worked) to visit H's family instead because his sister was in town from Utah.  Apparently Mr. No missed his Nana-Papa time.  So it was decided that we'd send the afternoon of the 4th with them.  Mr. No was up at 7:30 and all set to go...too bad we weren't leaving for 4 more hours, poor little guy.  Then when we arrived, Nana and Papa were heading out to the supermarket.   Poor Mr. No nearly had a breakdown.  Papa had already set up the pool and, after lunch, he set the sprinkler up as well. Now Mr. No is usually iffy about water but lately he seems to be enjoying it more like he did when he was a baby.  He actually ran through the sprinkler!

And hopped right into the pool!  He brought his Kung Fu Panda guys in and had his watering can and teacup.

He got a little freshy and splashed water right in Papa's face.  So Papa started a game with him where he could only splash him when he was in the pool.  Mr. No thought that was fantastic!

Then it was finally time to dry off and have a little popsicle break.  Yummy fudgicle!

And for a little quiet play with Nana.  Now Nana had the good knights and their trusty steeds and Mr. No had the dragon, zebra and leopard.  I'm sure you can guess who won...the team of dragon, zebra and leopard, of course!

this is the disbelieving look we received when we told him the good guys were supposed to win
Nana and Papa had a little surprise for him....sparklers!  Of course the wind did not want to cooperate!  It was pretty still until Papa went to light one and then it would whip.  Crazy!  Mr. No had never seen fireworks before this year and never ever held a sparkler.  I was pretty impressed with how good he was with it!

his amazed face when he first saw the sparkler!

he got to hold the 2nd one

Still more fun was packed into this day!  Mr. No and H went on a bug hunt with the nets from Elefun.  They weren't successful in catching anything.  Mr. No came pretty close a few times!  He traveled around the house taking photos with my camera, had some tasty watermelon, enjoyed a yummy grilled dinner and then finally had to say goodbye.  Of course he passed out in the car on the way home!  There was a ton of fun packed into one afternoon!

bug hunting
an ant through Mr. No's magnifying glass

counting how many pieces of watermelon he ate
being a freshy on Nana's chair

You know I never miss an opportunity to take a few photos of my my mom's gorgeous flowers!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun filled 4th! Mr. No certainly did!

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