Friday, July 22, 2011

Flashback Friday

Just found this idea and thought it was super cute.  I love looking back at baby photos of my growing far too quickly Mr. No and so love sharing how cute he was with everyone!  Then I found a bunch of scanned in old photos and there were a few of me as little one with my Gram and my Grandpa and thought that would be such a better idea.

I loved sleeping over their house!  Gram would play 500 rummy with me and munch on peanuts in the shell.  I thought she was so amazing because she could catch peanuts in her mouth. My sister and I even spent a summer there one year and were there for her birthday, well the day before since either we were going home the next day of our cousins were.. We managed to sneak down to the store with our cousins and bought a bunch of food to have a surprise party for her.  I remember her being mad because she found the receipt and thought we had spent our own money on snacks. She was truly surprised when we brought her to the basement for her party.  Gram's 91st birthday would have been this week so it's fitting to have a photo flashback about my wonderful Grandparents. 

baby me with Gram
Grandpa had the most amazing garden and we'd have fresh yummy tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. I still eat tomatoes like apples sometimes. And tasty green beans.  And my Gram would make delicious fried battered squash flowers. I remember him sitting in his recliner with his paper singing along to old Italian songs on record. And when we were little, we'd dance with him with our little feet on his feet.

birthday girl with Grandpa
beach fun!
I'm just glad my son got to meet his wonderful great-grandparents and am so happy that he has grandparents who are just as wonderful in his life!

Mr. No in the hospital meeting his great-grandma for the first time

so adorable all in stripes

Flashback Friday

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  1. Aw, I love these. I really need to scan some old photos.