Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kids Party Time (iphone photos)

We finally got to do something fun today!  I spent all of yesterday going through Mr. No's toys, sorting, cleaning and packing them.  So happy to get out today!  Mr. No, H and I met Auntie S and Noodle at Friendly's for a quick(ish) lunch.  Mr. No had to be forced to eat while Noodle happily finished her plate and then had ice cream.  H had Mr. No's ice cream because he just wasn't interested, as usual. After lunch, we headed up the street to Kid's Party Time in Worcester, MA.  A cute little play place in an old school building. The Nos had a blast together! I did not bring my camera...and really should have because I hate photos with my iphone, even with the silly edits that I did on them.

First stop was the bouncy house room.  (crappy phone)  The Nos had a blast jumping and sliding.

blurry is just what happens with this phone
Then it was on to the dress-up room.  Noodle had a great time trying on different outfits...everything from a princess on a unicorn to spiderman.  Mr. No sat at the make-up mirror playing with necklaces.  He did put on Hulk gloves and mask and was really excited by the lion costume.  The Nos had a Stitch alien and ferocious Lion battle.  Not sure who won...  The adults got into the dress up room a little as well but to preserve what little bit of dignity we do have, I won't post them here (H, you can thank me any time).

The Nos as The Hulk

playing at the make-up mirror

The Lion
Stitch vs Lion


being silly

H went around punching us, shouting "Hulk Smash!" Yeah, he's worse than the kids...
After dress-up time was over, we decided to check out upstairs.  They both loved the sand room which I have to say was a pretty neat idea though I'm glad I'm not the one who has to clean up after that!  Mr. No loved the little country store and both Nos had tons of fun in the safari room.


Safari No

just chillin' with the animals

 Mr. No spent quite a bit of time in the little house room.  He kept sitting in the little chairs and then pretending that the phone was ringing.  He'd get up all exasperated and say, Ugh, Mr. Jones is calling me...AGAIN! I'm really getting annoyed! He finally decided to bring the phone to the chair with him so Mr. Jones couldn't disturb his relaxation time any more. No idea where Mr. Jones came from.

 After about 2 hours of playing it was time to go.  The Nos hugged goodbye and reluctantly put their shoes on.  As we were leaving, the kids each got a little prize.  Noodle got sunglasses and lip gloss and Mr. No got sunglasses and a slide whistle (so glad H didn't get a hold of it!!!).  He looked like a little rock star!  Super cute!  Mr. No had an amazing time and said he wants to go back.  For $7 for him and nothing for us, we'd definitely take him again. They pack a lot in there!

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