Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Day at the Park

H had the weekend off and of course it thunder stormed on Friday which dashed our plans to go to Free Fun Friday at Plimouth Plantation.  We spent the majority of the day at home.  Saturday, however, was gorgeous.  Of course we had to get Mr. No outside for some running time, so we decided to head to Owen Bell Park.  For once, we remembered to bring the outside toys!  We arrived at the park armed with Superhero Squad ball, frisbee and bubble stuff.  Mr. No and I ran around with the ball for a while then H took over for a bit. It was too windy for the frisbee though Mr. No did try his hardest to get it to H and the bubbles were all but forgotten. 

The little pond there is always the biggest draw for Mr. No.  He soon forgot all about running around and went in search for wildlife.  We found 2 super cute little squirrels playing around a tree.  One was snacking on a pine cone.

Squirrel #1
Squirrel #2

While I was snagging a few photos of the squirrels, Mr. No called me over to the pond to see the fish he found. He was super excited and I soon saw why.  There were so many fish!

crazy amount of fish!
While searching for even more fish, Mr. No spotted a snail shell and then the hunt was on for more shells.  I don't think we've ever seen shells there before and now Mr. No was practically in the water!

Mr. No's shells
While trying to keep Mr. No from wading out into the water while H went off to buy himself a snack, I noticed the crazy amount of dragonflies around and huge dragonflies,too.  I tried to get a photo of one of the huge ones but they just wouldn't cooperate!  This gorgeous red one was in a model mood though and barely budged when I got super close to get his photo.

Of course Mr. No was still shell hunting, though he did get up close and personal with the dragonfly who fluttered away for a minute before returning to his perch.

H returned, not with the ice cream he had hoped for, but with fried dough instead.  He had the idea to give that to the two ducks who had wandered over and of course Mr. No wanted some to toss.  The ducks weren't interested...but the fish were!  They were practically fighting over it and splashing all over the place.

fish going for the piece of fried dough

fish splash!
We did visit the playground for a few minutes but everything was too hot.  They really need canopies or something over playgrounds.  The equipment just gets too darn hot!

headed for the spiral slide

Then we piled into the car because Mr. No and I had a date with Nana before I had to shoot off to work.  A surprising and super fun day for Mr. No.  He certainly slept well that night!

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