Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mr. No and His New Home

Finally able to blog again...sort of.  The big move was on the 26th  and we didn't have internet for a while and actually I still don't on my computer.  So I'm borrowing my husband's and just transferring the photos here.  Of course, our big family vacation is this week so I'll be offline again and will have a  million photos to post no doubt of all the fun we had!  Mr. no is so excited to wake up to Nana and Papa for a week!  I'm less than excited to pack everything for the 3 of us.

Mr. No is loving is his new home with his own room and big yard to roam in! He's adjusting to sleeping in his new room all alone and has even been focusing more on using the potty.  I was so afraid that all the changes would set him back but he's adjusting to everything really well.  Yay!  Whoever lived here before certainly knew how to attract lovely little creatures to the yard.  Mr. No has been chasing flying grasshoppers (which he's never seen before), butterflies and dragonflies.  We've also had visits from bunnies, a hummingbird and a doe and her fawn who was super cute!  Just posting some photos of Mr. No and our adventures around the yard this week.  I have even more photos that I haven't even taken off my camera yet.  Yikes.

Mr. No in front of his new home

so cute and so happy!

Mr. No checking his photos that I still have to put on the computer

our butterfly friend

Mr. No showing off one of his photos

how spiderman poses for a photo according to Mr. No

and how Wolverine poses
I think this one is supposed to be Hulk
sooo cute!

More than a few photos there...oops.  We have soo many little critters around.  I'm even doing a separate post just for the dragonflies and my terrible 2nd floor through the closed window and screen shots of the momma and baby deer.  Didn't want to overload this one with photos. Hopefully after vacation we'll get a photo of that slick little flying grasshopper who keeps teasing us and then disappearing when we try to catch him. I think Mr. No wants him as a pet!

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