Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation Photos: Nana and Papa Day

On Thursday of our vacation, H had to drive back home for the day.  This left me and Mr. No with just Nana and Papa since everyone else either had gone back home as well for a few days or hadn't arrived yet.  Mr. No of course was thrilled to have Nana and Papa all to himself.  Nana loves Cape Cod chips and we saw an ad to visit the factory so in the afternoon we headed out to the factory.  It was just slightly interesting but at least it was free and they give you 2 little bags of chips for your time.  After all of 10 minutes there, we headed over to the carousel and arcade that was nearby.  Mr. No wanted to ride with Nana so he hopped on the zebra and Nana was coerced to ride Buttercup the horse.  Mr. No loved it, even though he had his super serious face on most of the time. 

relaxing on the deck with some nature's promise "cheesy puffs"

Ooooo a smile!

After the carousel ride, Mr. No wanted to try out a few rides in the arcade and then everyone played some games for tickets.  Nana does love her skee ball and Mr. No isn't half bad at getting tickets!  He ended up with a package of sponge animals (which did not grow a giant anteater much to Mr. No's dismay), a little motorcycle and a pirate dress up set.  A super fun day for Mr. No!

really getting into being a race car driver!

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