Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation Photos: Family Day Out

On our 3rd day of vacation, the 3 of us spent a day out as a family.  Only Nana and Papa were at the beach house that day and were headed out as well so we decided to check out the Cape Cod Children's Museum.  Maybe I was expecting more because we're spoiled with all the kid's museums around but I was rather unimpressed with this one.  And I was very disturbed by the number of parents who were on their cell phones rather than watching or playing with their children.  It made it hard for Mr. No to enjoy himself when unsupervised 4 and 5 year olds were pushing him, ripping things out of his hands and bossing him around.  H actually lectured a little boy who pushed Mr. No away from one of the toys and Mr. No was ready to leave in under an hour.  Usually we have to drag him out after 2 to 3 hours. I'm just happy we got in for free!  At least Nana gave Mr. No a little spending money so he left happy with a handful of little toys.

After that failed attempt at something fun for Mr. No, we went back to the house for a little lunch and some outside play time.  Mr. No, of course, had to bring a crazy amount of guys outside to play with.

After setting up his guys, we played hide and seek and tried to play with the frisbee but he thought it was much more fun to have me throw it and then he's sit on it and giggle because I couldn't pick it up with him on it.

Which then turned into a game of attack Mommy for her camera and Daddy for his hat.  Mr. No does look super cute in Daddy's hat!

Our final family adventure for the day was a trip out for homemade ice cream.  Yum!  Mr. No decided that he wanted oreo ice cream in a cup.  Until he saw my chocolate banana, which H also ordered, then he changed his mind and took over H's ice cream in a cup.  Then he decided that he wanted a cone after all and took over my ice cream just as I got to the cone. It was delicious though!   Lesson learned:  Get Mr. No exactly what I order since he ends up eating mine anyway.

Our day ended with dinner out at a 50's burger and pizza place down the street with Nana and Papa.  Good thing we had our dessert before dinner because the place was packed!  Mr. No only ate half of his grilled cheese, but with all the ice cream he stole, who could blame him?

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