Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mr. No and the Dragonflies

There are an amazing number of dragonflies in the new yard!  We probably see about 15 different ones a day, possibly more, from little tiny ones to huge ones.  Mr. No decided that he was going to be friends with one little dragonfly whether the poor thing wanted to or not.  It wasn't very receptive to the idea at first but then it warmed up to him a little bit.

posing with his new buddy...can you see him on the plant?

plotting how to pet it

After several attempts at trying to pet it, Mr. No decided to try petting it with a leaf...which actually worked!  The little thing couldn't care less as long as Mr. No used the leaf to pet it.  I was amazed!

posing again with his little buddy

We did have a couple other visitors this week.  A cute Momma deer and her baby.  I think the adults were more interested than Mr. No at one point but he was excited to see them especially the little one.  The photos are terrible taken at dusk through a closed window and screen but oh well... They made themselves right at home, grazing their way through the backyard.

Now if he could only see a bunny, he'd be happy. 

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