Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation Photos: Entering the Cape

While I'm very sad to be back from vacation, I am super happy to have internet on my computer again!   We just returned from a week long vacation in a gorgeous house on Cape Cod with my family.  The beach was a 30 second drive from the house and homemade ice cream seemed to be everywhere (YUM!). Mr. No thought it was fantastic to have Nana and Papa there every morning when he woke and especially loved when his cousins were there!  Since he doesn't get to play with other kids very often, which is the reason we're starting him in preschool a year early, it was even more amazing to have 2-3 kids around for entire days and they all were amazingly wonderful with him. 

Our trip started our sunny, until we entered Rhode Island and then the skies opened up on us!  It was raining so hard that we actually missed our first exit! It started to downpour just before we hit that area because we went from perfectly dry roads to roads so soaked that a truck driving through a puddle on the opposite side of the road (with a barrier between us) caused a wave of rainwater to splash over our entire windshield!   

driving in the rain
Luckily Mr. No slept for the majority of the ride.  When he did wake, we stopped at a Honey Dew for a potty break a few munchkins for the munchkin to entice his cranky, sleepy little self to actually go inside. Once back in the car, I gave him my iphone to play with since I forgot his mobigo.  He has an entire page of games for him on there and he knows which ones and how to use it.

playing games on the iphone while he woke up
Then finally we hit the Bourne Bridge and the weather started to clear. Yay!  Mr. No thought the bridge was awesome!  He loves going over bridges. We were happy that our destination was only a few minutes away!

We found our destination with very little trouble thankfully.  I didn't take any photos the first day other than one shot off the land bridge as we were crossing into the neighborhood where the house was.  It was gorgeous there!

view from the car window
The boys didn't wake up in best way the next morning as can be seen here :P

first night in a strange place is always rough!
Our first day we spent on the private beach with the family that was there.  Mr. No was just happy that it included 2 of his cousins!  Even though it seemed a little small to me, we put a life vest on him so he could have a little more freedom with the older boys on the beach.  Anyone who knows Mr. No knows that he doesn't venture far out into the water.  The older boys were a little freaked out by the jellyfish (who didn't look like they were kicking) in the water so they tried to search for sea creatures on the rocks.  After all the cautions and warnings, guess who slipped and got cut on the barnacles?  Me, of course!  Those things hurt, too!

view from the beach

Mr. No in his spiderman life vest checking out the water

Mr. No with H, Papa and his cousins on the rocks
Mr. No being silly
climbing the rocks with H

Papa and cousins skipping rocks
playing around

skipping rocks with Auntie C and the boys

relaxing under the umbrella with Nana and Papa

Silly Mr. No

hanging out with his cousin

building sand castles just to knock them down
We were the first ones to leave the beach.  Mr. No had to use the potty and luckily for everyone else, refused to go in the ocean.  Once we got to the house, he didn't want to go back.  So, we had some lunch and relaxed out in the hammock for bit.  A nice relaxing first day of vacation!

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