Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vacation Photos: ZooQuarium

Still going through vacation photos!  I know I take way too many!  But with how terrible my memory is, I need something to remind me of what we've done and all the fun we have!

On Friday of our vacation, we decided to check out the ZooQuarium. Mr. No was super excited as always to see animals.  He was in kind of a weird sleepy mood so maybe it would have been better to go after a nap even though we went pretty early.  We got there just in time for an animal encounter show.  It was all about skunks and the employee even had a completely adorable baby skunk that she let everyone touch.  Mr. No was in super shy mode and refused.  I, however, was thrilled to pet the adorable little thing.  So soft and sweet!  After the show and a potty break, Mr. No got a little energy back and was ready to check out the animals. When we got to the fox pen, the little guy was hiding.  Mr. No shouted out helloooo??? And the fox came out said Hi to Mr. No and then promptly hid inside again. Mr. No thought it was awesome!  He shouted, Mama! He came when I called him!

wasn't expecting him to come out or how fast he headed back in

Mr. No loves the turtles...and there were so many!

always a favorite!

Mr. No and H peering at some fishies

 Of course, the touch tank was the favorite part of the day.  We could barely get him away from there.  There were only fish and crabs in there and guess who was too wussy to pick up a crab?  I'm embarrassed to admit...All 3 of us!  H finally picked one up on a stick so Mr. No could touch it.  We're pathetic I know...

H picking up the crab on a stick

touching the fishies

Mr. No insisted I take a picture of this
I don't know who was more excited to feed the adorable deer...Mr. No or me!  Yes, I'm a terrible mommy and kept a couple quarters for myself so I could touch the sweet little deer.  We had plenty, I swear!

for some reason H always has to try and get a rise out of turkeys if he sees them and usually he succeeds

more animal feeding!

showing off his impressive wingspan

Poor Mr. No waited so patiently to play on the train.  Adults got in there for photos, kids pushed in there and he didn't fuss but once he got in there, he did not want to leave!  He was more than willing to share with a little 1 year old boy as always.

playing vet
gotta have those gloves!

Before we left, we wanted to catch the bird show.  Mr. No got a little restless and crabby.  It was warm in there and he was so sleepy.  It was a very interesting show.  We learned about seagulls, a crow, a kestrel and a mostly blind hawk.  Mr. No liked the birds but he was just to sleepy to sit still.  He did take the last photo of the hawk and really enjoyed seeing the animals. 

After the show, Mr. No spent time with Papa, Nana, his cousins and played with sparklers but that's all for the next installment so I don't overload the posts with my ridiculous number of photos!

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