Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where Have We Been #6: Salem, MA

I really wish we've been to Salem for the all the haunted happenings but, honestly, the main thing that deters me is the ridiculously large crowds.  I don't do well in large groups of people.  It doesn't help that we've been spoiled by working weekends and having our adventures during the week. We have been to Salem more than once with baby Mr. No.  I've been to all the museums when I was younger and they aren't appropriate for a small child. Salem is actually a great place to just walk around, poke in shops and enjoys some amazing views.  That is how we enjoy Salem with Mr. No.

We tend to head down to the water first.  The reconstruction of the ship Friendship is there.  We've never actually been on it.  Mr. No enjoys the view from the ground better.  He may be more interested now. It's an impressive sight to see regardless. 

There's a nice long walk down to the little lighthouse.  On hot days, we picnic behind it in the shade. Great view, shady spot.

There's grass that's perfect for little ones to play on and a few large rocks.  It's a great spot to relax especially with a wiggly little one!

After lunch and a little run time, we head back down to the shops.  Stop for an ice cream, poke in a few stores, admire the painted pirates on the side of the Pirate Museum...

and then visit the cemetery.  It's a very sad but interesting place.  There is a lot of morbid history to Salem which all we tend to think about when visiting. It's nice to enjoy the town without focusing on that. When Mr. No's a little older, we'll take him to some of the museums. it's definitely something he should learn more about. He's just far too sensitive to hear about those things right now. 

Not your typical view of Salem.  No witch museums or ghost walks.  Just a quiet way to enjoy a day with a little history thrown in.  It's rather impossible to avoid history in Salem.

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