Friday, October 11, 2013

Flashback Firiday: Baby No Fashion Show

We were obsessed with cute outfits for Mr. No when he was a baby.  He hung around the house in little one piece outfits most of the time but the majority of them had to be super cute, too.  Here are a few of newborn to 3 month old Mr. No's cute outfits that I found on the computer today.

              First trip to Natick Mall Rocker Baby                       Adorable Owl visiting outfit

 favorite bear outline sleeper                                                    dragon heart 2 piece pajamas

 my favorite Mr. No sweater                                           jeans outfit and fancy button down shirt
                                                                                         for pop's birthday


  1. Sooooo cute!! Makes me want to have a little boy!

  2. Fashionable newborn you have there! :)

  3. Fashionable newborn you have there! :)