Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where Have We Been #5: Ecotarium Pumpkin Fest

Wow.  I'm going back to Mr. No's first Halloween with this one!  It's an event I suppose we should try again now that he's older. The Ecotarium's Annual Pumpkin Fest.  Is it obvious that we love pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns?  Mr. No was not even a year old and was the most adorable undead pirate!

Basically, it's another jack-o-lantern show with carved pumpkins along the paths.

But this one also had adorable animals made from the pumpkins.  We haven't been in years but there really weren't too many pumpkins to look at.  This may have changed.  

Mr. No was far too young for any of the other activities so we really didn't get too much out of the day.  It is definitely geared toward elementary school aged children.  The train was available to ride but, since it was so many years ago, I can't remember if we went on it or not.  He did love the bird mascot that was walking around.  He didn't want to leave him!

It's something that's on the list to check out again now that Mr. No is old enough to participate in more activities.  I just couldn't resist posting photos of this adorable little pirate!

If anyone has been recently, I would love to hear if it would be worth it to take a 6 year old next year.  We've also done the Polar Express event at the Ecotarium.  We froze out rears off on the train ride but Mr. No enjoyed it and he was old enough to play a bit in the museum.

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