Sunday, October 6, 2013

Simple Things Sunday: Soccer Saturdays

Sometimes it's nice to be forced to just sit in a chair for an hour and a half (sometimes a little more) and basically do nothing but watch your little man run around and have fun.  Mr. No will most likely never be great at soccer.  He's far too timid and feels badly about taking the ball from other kids. This week, though, he really put a lot of effort into it.  He ran all over the field, kept his eye on the ball and even almost scored a goal.  His team may not have scored any goals but Mr. No left the field happy and proud of himself and that's all that matters.

Photos taken with H's ipad...


Mr. No has the ball!

 Mr. No is #7, trying for a goal!

 Blocked :(

dancing in the goal


  1. Beautiful photos!! Greetings from Spain

  2. Love little boys playing! Can't wait for my son to be like this one day

  3. Love watching children play soccer!

  4. Visiting from simple as that! What a sweet soul he seems to have - and I love your perspective of a forced break during soccer! :)