Thursday, December 12, 2013

Adventures of Eggnog Evergreen

Our Elf, Eggnog Evergreen, has been back since November 30th.  He was supposed to wait until Mr. No's birthday on December 1st but Mr. No just couldn't wait one more day!  Most of our book related adventures can be found in this post and here are the rest of them!

Day 1: Eggnog arrives in style

No silly reindeer for our elf! He came in an Angry Birds sleigh pulled by a fire breathing dragon.  Good thing the toys set out a landing strip for him!  So many come out to welcome him home!

Day 2: Happy Birthday Mr. No!

Eggnog really put some effort into this birthday!  He got Mr. No a few presents, put up his new Christmas tree and lights for him and put streamers on the doors and ceiling fan. He even bought a new outfit for the occasion!

Day 3: Candy Thieves!

Now we're not certain if Eggnog was stealing the candy (from the giant bag Auntie & Uncle got him) or if he was getting it back from Yeti, Rudy and Rise of the Guardians Elf #2.  The Big Boots Police Force will figure it all out!

Day 4: Green Eggs and Ham (previous post)

Day 5: Angry Elves

Eggnog decided to play with Mr. No's new game...and use the other elves as pigs!  He needed a rest between his 2 big story book adventures.

Day 6: The Magic Tree House (previous post)

Day 7:  Eggnosh Hangs up His Wash (previous post)

Day 8: Pez Thieves!

Eggnog tried to bring some Pez for Mr. No but the elves (and ogre) weren't going to let that happen! are they stealing the candy to get back at Eggnog for stealing theirs or for getting them in trouble for stealing?  Not sure but Eggnog means business with that sword!  Never steal Eggnog's gift for Mr. No.

Day 9:  Annual Tree Trimming Party

Every Year Eggnog gathers a few friends and makes some decorations for Mr. No.  He always knows how to bring the Christmas cheer!

Day 10:  Lego Convention

Eggnog felt a little left out when he couldn't come to the Lego Kids Fest with us so he held his own!  We didn't have the heart to tell him that a Lego Convention wasn't simply a party with the Lego guys.

Day 11: Home Alone

One of Mr. No's favorite movies is Home Alone.  Eggnog attempted to recreate that with what we had on hand.  You have to use your imagination a little but Mr. No recognized it and loved it!  Good thing we have 2 fresh elves to be the Wet Bandits.

I feel like my ideas this year are not as good as last year's.  Mr. No is happy but I'm trying to rein in the need to do more.

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