Sunday, November 10, 2013

Simple Things Sunday: Student of the Week

Mr. No's school does a cute little student of the week thing where someone from each class is picked and gets to each lunch with the principal at a special table...and other things. I'm not exactly certain what because Mr. No does not like to talk about 90% of things school related.  However, he was incredibly excited by the book they create for student off the week where each classmate drew a picture of him and (the teacher for them) wrote what they like about Mr. No.  I found out more about him at school from that book than from anything he's said.  It's great to know that he listens to the teachers, never pushes, shares, helps other, is nice, is funny and has a couple "BFFs".   He is so proud of what the other kids wrote about him and the pictures they drew.

The cover is the picture he drew.  His little hamster Fuzzy in her hamster ball running walls.

This is his favorite drawing in the book done by his good friend who is a girl. He seems to gravitate towards the girls as friends so it was a nice surprise that the 2 who wrote that Mr. No was their BFF were both boys. Nothing wrong at all with girls as friends but he does have to learn to get along with boys, too.

The one that makes me laugh is the boy who's favorite thing about Mr. No isn't exactly about Mr. No.

And the one that makes Mr. No mad because we tease him about it.  Really I think it's sweet but he get so hilariously worked up over he thinking that he's handsome...pronounced haaaaannnndsoooome! ooooo! in our house.  We're so mean.

Another great week for Mr. No: reading necklace handed out, prizes from the prize jar for doing all the things he was supposed to do, this great book and off to Yankee Candle (huge) Store today! 
He's so happy!

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  1. Ah that is so funny because I remember doing that for other kids in elementary school! I was so embarrassed when it was my turn because this boy "liked" me and drew a heart. Hopefully your son will remember his for better reasons haha.