Sunday, November 3, 2013

Simple Things Sunday: Mr. No's Big Week

The only thing more exciting to a little kid than Halloween is Christmas!  Mr. No had a blast this Halloween.  He dressed up like the red ninja from Ninjago...or his take on it anyway.  He got to hand out candy and trick or treat with Auntie around Nana's very Halloween friendly neighborhood. 

 It was also his last week of fall soccer.  For someone who claimed that he didn't even want to sign up (he did) on his first day, he certainly was sad to hear the it was ending.  He even played like he was going to miss it by almost getting 1 goal and by succeeding in getting a second attempt in the goal!  Last game and his team won (not that they really keep score).  Then every kid got a full size doughnut and little trophy.  He was so excited about the trophy.  Almost as excited as he was about getting his yellow belt in karate.  He had to show everyone his trophy.  Definitely a great week for Mr. No. He's the super tall one in the orange shoes, socks and shirt!


  1. Looks exacty like our week! Happy November!

  2. Looks like an exciting week! :) Love the beautiful light in that first soccer photo! :)

  3. I especially love the beautiful scenery in the background of your pictures. Make me a bit jealous living in FL. He is a handsome soccer ninja!