Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stealing H's Computer

H doesn't quite realize it yet but I'm now taking over his computer.  I finally got the basic programs on here to get my photos from my camera to the internet!  Yay!  He has barely any space on this thing but it will work until I give in and buy a new one.  Since I'm writing this mostly for Mr. No, I have a few outings and adventures to catch up on. So here (finally!) are the photos of our trip to Kid City in Connecticut.  Kid City is my favorite kid's museum so far.  We still have to get up the nerve to travel into Boston to check out that one, though.  I just love the interesting little rooms in Kid City, the gorgeous murals and how everything is kept clean.  And, as if they had to make it any better, they just installed at least 1 toilet seat that has a kid sized seat in the lid that folds down.  So no panicky potty trips for Mr. No!  Fabulous!

As usual, we started our fun in the alien room.  The museum was wonderfully deserted so Mr. No could play without worrying about other kids taking over.  I think we saw 3 families the entire time we were there.  It was wonderful!  I know I sound terrible but every time we go anywhere for kids there is always that one family where the mom is on the phone gabbing away while her children (usually at least 3) are running around terrorizing other children and/or destroying the place.  I have no patience for that kind of parent.  Rant over.  Moving on to Mr. No's fun!

driving Daddy for once

And, of course, H has to  play just as much as Mr. No does!

Mr. No wasn't too much into the alien room that day.  He was getting over one of the many colds he's brought home from preschool so he wasn't as rambunctious as usual.   He and I did have fun in the farm room, though, sending the apples up and down. He absolutely loved the fish/ship room this time.  We typically barely spend any time in that room but this day, he loved it!

watching the fish he put up fall into the barrel

The kitchen and store room was crowded with 2 families and, since he has a pretty decent set up at home now, Mr. No wasn't all that interested.  He really wanted to go upstairs and play with the dinosaurs.  All 3 of us had a blast playing all over the upstairs which was deserted.

Mr. No and I spent a lot of time farming carrots

watching the trains (he used to be afraid to go in there)

teeter totter with H

he did NOT want to go down the slide...looks like he hated it doesn't he?

H was all about the musical wall

H and Mr. No had a nice quiet time in the older kids corner and poor Mr. No started getting sleepy but he wasn't ready to go yet.  He checked out a few more rooms, returned to the trains and dinosaurs and then finally consented to go.  Poor kid was exhausted and passed out before we left the parking lot.

Luckily I didn't take too many photos last month, since I wasn't sure if I'd have a place to put them or not.  Just a few fun days more to document for Mr. No before the fun times of Thanksgiving, Mr. No's 4th birthday and his 4th birthday party.

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