Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Little Fall Fun, Part 1

Mr. No had a pretty fun October.  Little outings here and there and a lot of outdoor time.  We had an insane October weather-wise, everything from a freak snowstorm that knocked out our power for 5 days to 70+ degree weather. I realized this year that I really am old now when we got oour first snowflakes.  My reaction:  Snow?!?  EW!!!  Mr. No's reaction?  Snow!!! WHEE!!!  Yeah, I want to be a little kid again.

His October started with a fun (and super chilly) trip to Tougas Farm with his preschool for apple and pumpkin picking.  He was super excited especially since we were able to go with him.

This year was Mr. No's first time really playing in piles of leaves.  I moved one pile over for about 3 days so he could get a lot of fun out of it since there weren't too many leaves yet.  His favorite part was playing hide and seek with his dino-roars!

Then there was the excitement of Halloween!  (Which ended up being postponed due to the evil snow.)  It was horrible trying to get him to pick out a costume.  He just didn't even know where to begin.  Mr. No and I did our tradition of pumpkin painting together.  I have no idea how to carve a pumpkin and wouldn't really want to do that with Mr. No anyway.  At least with painting, his pumpkin is 100% his creation.  He ended up making a super cute monster pumpkin. and silly little pumpkin.  Then, of course, we decorated his room with leaf ghosts we made and glow in the dark gel clings on the windows, spiderwebs with spiders and bats and more paper ghosts above the windows. 

Monster Pumpkin!

decorating with Scooby Doo
There will be more Fall Fun next time...chalk drawings and soccer poses.  Catching up very slowly.  If only I didn't fall asleep at 9pm last night...

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