Sunday, October 28, 2012

Simple Things Sunday: Ghost No

Next week I won't be able to post since we'll be enjoying our first day at Disney World!  Mr. No is super excited and has been super fresh because of it.  I can't blame him, really.  First Halloween and all the activities and trick or treating to look forward to.  Then his first ever trip to Disney World (with Auntie, Nana and Pop but no daddy). Thanksgiving.  Putting up the Christmas tree.  His 5th birthday party! And then Christmas and all our Christmas related activities and events. All happening in the next 2 months. I'm surprised the poor kid hasn't exploded with excitement yet!

First up on our crazy fall schedule is Halloween! Mr. No just had to be a ghost this year. Of course he refuses to put anything over his face/head so I had to make his costume and attempt to be creative.  I search the internet for ideas (came up with almost nothing) and then I found this!  The oversized sweatshirt idea was perfect for creating our ghost costume.  It only took me 4 days, 2 trips to Joann's, 1 mask from etsy and a lot of patience to create this.  I'm not thrilled with it but, thankfully, Mr. No loves it!  It's comfy, it glows in the dark and it's easy to move in and that's all that matters to him. Mr. No was so excited to wear it to his preschool Halloween party and parade!  He was so cute and happy marching down the street with his school to trick or treat at the town hall. It always amazes me how these little things excite him and then, in turn, excite me.  He does love being a little ghost!

on the walkway to school

WOOOOOOOOO! (ghosty with a blankie)

parade time!

close up of his ghosty face!

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