Thursday, September 20, 2012

RIP Orange and Welcome Home Cactus!

We had a tragedy this past weekend.  One of Mr. No's crabby crab, Orange, died.  He got himself stuck in a large shell that they usually hide in.  And anyone who has hermit crabs knows that it's not unusual for them to disappear for a week or 2 at a time since they bury themselves to molt.  We just thought that Poor Orange was buried and molting until the time came for me to do a habitat clean out.  I felt his shell crammed up in the large shell and hoped so hard that he was still alive.  When Uncle finally cracked the big shell in a way that wouldn't have hurt Orange, we found out that he hadn't been alive for a few days anyway.  Mr. No was devastated.  He'd never had anything die before.  Except for Nana's anorexic fish. It broke my heart.  Especially when he said to me, "You can put him back together, right Momma?  You can fix anything."  I almost cried.  So the first part of this post is to say goodbye to a wonderful, friendly little crab. 

Rest In Peace Orange.  You are missed!
Mr. No went back and forth over getting a new crab. He was so afraid that he would forget about Orange but he really wanted another one because it made him sad to pass the tank and only see 2 crabby crabs.  So he finally decided that he did indeed want one and our newest buddy, Cactus, joined our family a few days later.  He hasn't met Noah and Crazy Man yet.  (yes Mr. No names all his crabs by himself) They'll meet tomorrow when his quarantine is over.  Mr. No loves him, even though he's the only crabby crab to ever pinch him.  Guess he lives up to his name.

New buddy, Cactus

Since the crabs are supposed to live for like 15 years, I thought we'd have some time before this happened.  He's coping well and I think I miss the little guy as much as Mr. No does. Well, now we have a new buddy to hang out with.  Hopefully he ends up being as sweet as Orange or I have a feeling that we'll be a 4 crab family soon enough.


  1. Awww Poor Orange and I am sorry for Mr No :( I had hermit crabs when I was a kid. A good first pet experience. You should visit my blog and submit it to Orange You Glad It's Friday.

    Hope to see you there!

  2. That is sad :( I remember my first experience of a pet passing.

    I am surprised they say they live up to 15 years. They are great pets for children, but mine never lived any where close to that age.