Thursday, August 23, 2012

This or That Thursday: Dinosaur Footprints

The Trustees of Reservations have some beautiful sites and some interesting ones.  Dinosaur Footprints in Holyoke was definitely the latter.  It was a very short trail through the trees to the large slabs of rock.  I have to admit that, at first, we weren't very impressed.  Then we really took a good look at the rocks and started finding footprints every where!  There were also supposed to be fossilized fish and plants.  We're pretty sure we found a fish and definitely found some plants.  Mr. No, who is a huge dinosaur lover,  thought it was awesome and was definitely worth the trip.

running down the path
checking out a footprint

Then H, of course, decided it was a great idea to take him across the very slippery wet rocks to look for more tracks.  I'm amazed neither of them fell! 


footprints up the hill!
Mr. No thought it was amazing to be where dinosaurs actually walked.  I have to admit that we thought it was pretty cool as well!

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  1. What fun shots. A great way to capture the imagination of a growing boy! Joining you from this or that thurs.

  2. That is really cool!! My kids would have a blast. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

  3. Wow, how neat for your little guy to be able to see that!