Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quarterly Top 5 Photos : Quarter 2

This year is going by so quickly!  I can't believe it's already summer and already time for the next quarter of photos.  All of these have been posted before since they are my favorites.

1. Love it because it's just the perfect Mr. No expression!

2. Because Mr. No went from being a little afraid of most of the animals to boldly going up to any animal and feeding them this year.

3. Because he loves this photo of himself with the lemur and it was such a cute moment to capture.

4. It's an adorable, candid Daddy and son moment where they're just enjoying each other's company on the carousel.

5. Because I love those eyes and that cute little expression


  1. I'm loving the conversation b/t dad & son. What a great capture & special moment!

  2. I'm loving that look in the first image.

  3. Oh my! What sweet images. I love that first one.

  4. I love the first and last one. He is super cute.