Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Lazy Sunday

Since this is a blog all about Mr. No's adventures, I figured I'd do a day in the life a Mr. No through pictures.  We were stuck in the house this Sunday since my car won't start and poor Mr. No had yet another cold so what else were we going to do? We played and played and played and I took photos of most of it.

after breakfast, game time
showing me how it's done
arranging his cherries...he likes them to be stem down
stamp marker art
Can you tell who the good guy is?  the ogre!
"Hello, Mr. Grocer!"

excited by the orange juice! then attacked me with it...

shopping for donuts for Daddy
time to check out

setting up a picnic munch for us...orange juice, lemon pudding, tomatoes and frosting...Yum!
lunch time! Annie's bunnies and carrots
and a Mr. No-made Halloween cookie for dessert
puzzles in the reading nook
flip-o-saurus is a lot of fun, too
oh, the bug books!

waiting for me to start the books

Easter Bugs!
he tells me to throw the Voltron part to him and then he panics
sneaky Mr. No
attacking our car, Braden, with stuffed animals
checking his pennies just like H does
looking so sweet passed out on H
back to the kitchen room...attacking me with magic soap
more magic potions
tried to get a photo of him with the ponytail that Auntie made but he got mad

attacking me for trying to get a picture of his humiliation
attacking me!  Auntie Lyssa took the picture

Papa's cookies for dessert and glasses of "juice" for everyone!

Piper dog in trouble as usual
being silly in the bathtub
look at those lashes!
all ready for Mama and Mr. No movie time before bed.  tonight's movie:  Toy Story 2
So there's a little glimpse into a lazy Sunday in Mr. No's life.  I was so exhausted from playing all day that I fell asleep during the movie.  Mr. No made it to the end and beyond.  Of course he did have that awesome nap.

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