Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Since Mr. No has been very brave and very cooperative about going to school full time (after 2 years of 2 1/2 hours days 2-3 days a week) and riding the bus like a big kid, we decided to let him get a new pet.  We've had a rough year pet-wise.  We lost our much loved cat, Braden, which is a loss we still feel daily.  3 of Mr. No's 4 crabs died and I won't even get into how that happened. I'll just say that I did not realize hermit crabs were cannibals.  Ick.

So last week, we did the pet store trips to look at small animals and lizards.  I basically vetoed the lizard type creatures.  Not that I don't like them but they tend to have a lifespan of 10-35 years depending on what you're getting.  I'm not willing to put in that much time on another pet. I'm well aware that my son is 5 and will try his hardest to take care of his pet but I'll be doing a good share of the work and I'm only willing to put in 2-3 years max.

After much debate, he decided that he wanted a teddy bear hamster.  Of course, none of the stores had any but, once he caught a glimpse of this little girl, his mind was made up. 

Meet Fuzzy.  Mr. No's Robo Dwarf Hamster.  Cutest little hamster ever.  The smallest, fastest and, of course, longest living of the hamsters according to the internet.  She is a quick one and skittish when you try to hold her but she does come running out and up into the "cuddle area" when you talk to her in hopes that you'll take her out of the cage for some free time.  He loves this little creature so much and she's rapidly warming up to him.


Mr. No is now officially a furry pet owner and he just loves her!  But really, how you could not love that cute little face?  If she ever lets him hold her for more than 30 seconds, I'll get a photo of them together.  Right now I'm just too busy chasing her down whenever she escapes. Which is Every. Single. Time. 

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