Sunday, February 10, 2013

Simple Things Sunday: After the Blizzard

Yes, we were luck enough to be buried under snow this weekend!  Means there was no school Friday and none tomorrow for Mr. No and lots and lots of fun to be had!  H is the snow remover and I'm the one who gets to play in the snow with Mr. No.  Works out great for both of us!  We decided to ride out the storm at Nana and Papa's and Mr. No couldn't wait to get outside to play.  He would have gone out in the middle of the blizzard if we let him!  Luckily, we had Nana to distract him.  Mr. No absolutely loves the snow!  Trudging through it, throwing it, eating it.  He loves it all!  I had to drag him back inside.  We have to get him on a sled next time. 


Event he dog couldn't get enough of the snow!  She was hopping through the snow like an otter and burying her face in the snow.  Too funny!