Sunday, June 8, 2014

Simple Things Sunday: Pipsqueak

Wow, I haven't been here in months!  Things have been so crazy that I forgot all about blogging for Mr. No.  First Simple Things Sunday in over 6 months is about our little friend who was just passing through, Pipsqueak. 


First, please note that I absolutely do not advocate taking wildlife from it's environment.  You are supposed to leave seemingly abandoned babies in a protected area for 4-6 hours to see if their mom will come back for them. Then contact a wildlife rehabilitator for instructions on what to do. How Pipsqueak ended up with us is a long story but I'm not getting into that.  This simple creature reminded me of some pretty big things... such as my son's intense love for every living creature be it a beautiful swan or a not so loved field mouse.  He reminded us of the compassion we should have for every living thing and to cherish the beings we love because they could be gone in an instant as his family was, the poor little thing.  So this week, we are celebrating the simple moments we had with Pipsqueak and his amazing determination to survive.

 After 2 days of feedings every 2 hours, we finally found a wildlife rehabilitator to take Pipsqueak so he can hopefully return to the wild soon. We sent him on his way with his dinosaur stuffed animal that he had bonded to and his habitat that he was comfortable in to help him continue to thrive.  As far as we know, he is doing fine.

I hope you are continuing to thrive, our sweet friend, and are home in the wild soon. 

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