Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Simple Photo Labels

I realized when I finished yesterday's post that I didn't include instructions on how to make the incredibly simple and helpful photo labels.  The photo labels are a must have for any kid's room. It make clean up a breeze...even for H!

These do take a little time but are very simple and cost almost nothing. You definitely want a white background.  Nothing distracting so that the figures are easily recognized on your boxes or drawers.  I used the white lids from the totes we used to use for the toys and propped one up with the radio on the desk.  I set it up by and sunny window so I wouldn't have any brightness from the flash in the photo.  Here you can see how simple it is to set up the 2 lids (or white poster board or cardstock).

Mr. No loved helping by picking out which of the toys would go on the label and by setting them up on the lids.   This is what one of our labels looks like with just a little adjusting:

All I did was crop the photos to just show the toys and printed them out on cardstock.  It's durable and cheap.  If you have a laminating machine then you could just use that but I don't.  So I just used some thick clear packing tape on each side, cut it to look uniform and attached it to the fabric bin with double sided tape.

our bins are HUGE, so most bins have more than 1 type of toy in them
A little time consuming but can easily be done while watching a movie or t.v. show. Everyone who sees them, loves them, and even the smallest child can put their own toys away.  Mr. No loves that his favorites are showcased on the outside of the bins!

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